Old Busch, new Busch

Mini_foul_poleAll season long, the Cardinals have celebrated the last year of the current Busch Stadium. The new Busch Stadium has a significant overlap with the existing stadium, so the current ballpark has to be demolished in order to complete construction on the new park.

One indication of just how much the two stadiums overlap can be seen by the mini foul pole found in section 129. This smaller version of a foul pole represents where the left-field foul pole will be in the new stadium. The pole also comes complete with the distance (335) and the white foul line, painted on the concrete of the current Busch Stadium until it comes to the end of the sidewalk overlooking the new park.

For now, though, this current Busch Stadium gets at least one more game. The demolition is set to take place about three weeks after the final game of the Cardinals’ season. And somehow, I don’t think the Cardinals would mind delaying that for another week if they pull off two more wins and make it to the World Series. — Allison Creekmore / MLB.com

One comment

  1. z@sgt.cc

    Would have been nice to see the old park off with the Chisox silently shuffling out of the building to the roar of a partying downtown … but the Cards seem to freeze in the face of history. Bring your long-time drought to St. Louis — we will end it for you. Got a curse? No problem; we break ’em. Never been to the Fall Classic? That’s okay, someone has to lose to get you there; may as well be us. We have made the post season in 4 of the last 6 years, only to choke at the end. Winning 100 games two years in a row is great. And maybe we’ll do it next year, too, to tie the Braves for the record. But … I’d settle for 99 wins if we could get 11 more in October. It would be nice to clobber people in the special games like we do all year long. It would be nice not to be the also-ran some year. Maybe next year …

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