You know you’re old when …

Benes… the young gun you covered back in the day is now long since retired, and his son you used to see as a toddler playing around the pool at Spring Training is almost as big as Albert Pujols.

That would be Andy Benes and Drew Benes, respectively.

Dad, who finished his baseball career with the Cardinals after starting it with the Padres, has been down on the field during the playoffs, doing analysis for the local FSN channel. The 6-foot-6 right-hander used to borrow the Walter Johnson nickname "Big Train" for his size, and when he stands next to Pujols, he makes the Cardinals superstar slugger look a little more human than he did on that monster shot the other night.

This time, Andy brought Drew, who’s 17 now and can stand next to Pujols and not get lost in the shadow. Guess that how it works — kids grow up, and if Dad is a big dude, son is going to be a big dude, too. — John Schlegel /

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