Ode to Busch

Well, it’s my 22nd year of covering games at venerable old Busch Stadium, and I wish I were more misty-eyed about its imminent passing. But I’m not. I see the new yard rising to its south all spanking clean and I can’t wait to watch games there next year.Newbusch275

I covered games at Busch on long-gone Sunday afternoons when the artificial turf was so hot, the sun relected off the green carpet and left my face burned. How about the night in the 1985 playoffs against the Dodgers when Vince Coleman almost got eaten up by the electric tarp? Knocked him out for the rest of the series. That’s a moment to remember a ballpark by.

And now, many of the Padres told me last week that the real outfield grass is so bad and bumpy that it was hard for them to play the field. Nice excuse. But spraying the grass green is a fine touch. Doesn’t that usually happen in a multi-purpose stadium that’s shared with a football team? Were the old NFL St. Louis Cardinals really a football team?

Anyway, I digress. Everything has its time, and Busch II has had almost 40 years. So its time to move again. May the lords of baseball give their blessings and sign the decaying white pillars like almost everyone else.
— Barry M. Bloom / MLB.com

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I was at Game one of the NLCS and signed Busch Stadium. Its pretty cool to see how appreciative everyone is of this place. St. Louis is such a great baseball town and its really a great thing that everyone can show their respect for all the memories that have come out of this stadium! oh, and….GO CARDS!!

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