Back to that New York string again

The Astros and Mets expanded into the National League in 1962. And since then, the Astros have had one name change and two ballpark changes, but have never been to the World Series. The Mets were born in the Polo Grounds, moved to Shea Stadium in 1964 and won the World Series in 1969 and 1986. They’ve been there four times in 44 years, while the Colt .45s, ah, the Astros haven’t been there once. And the Mets still remain in that decaying oval of a ballpark where the airplanes soar overhead and make so much noise it could rouse the dead.

Darrell_porterIn all due respect to Cardinals fans, they’ve won the World Series nine times, as recently as 1982, and were in it last year only to be swept by the Red Sox, which should be worth at least a lengthy St. Louis curse. If they win it all this year, they could become the first team in Major League history to hoist a flag at the conclusion of the last season played in their old ballpark, leaky and creaky Busch II. The Yankees have won it 26 times, all of them playing at Yankee Stadium, but who’s counting? (See, I had to get the Yankees into this blog.) For equal time’s sake, the Cardinals defeated the Yankees in 1964 at Busch I, two years before that old yard closed.

So I’m torn. Romantically, I’d like the Cardinals to do it, but pragmatically, I’d love to see the Astros start catching up with the Mets. Fair is fair, you know, in love and postseason baseball. — Barry M. Bloom /

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