Echoes from the Bronx

PettitteEven before it was learned that Andy Pettitte had pitched Wednesday night’s playoff game after taking a line drive off his right knee during batting practice, his performance had signaled just another dent in the Yankees mystique.

I grew up in the Bronx in the shadow of Yankee Stadium and have been a Yankees fan since I was a little kid. My first memory of baseball was Mickey Mantle catching the final out of the 1958 World Series, a Yankees victory over the then Milwaukee Braves. I will be 54 on Oct. 26 and the Yankees have won the World Series 13 times in my lifetime. They’ve won 22 American League pennants. I still wear a dark blue T-shirt with the famous No. 7 on the back and on the front covering the heart. The No. 7 on the front is surrounded by two invincible words: "The Mick."

Pettitte and Roger Clemens may be pitching for the Astros now, but they are still Yankees in my mind’s eye. And wouldn’t Joe Torre loved to have had them still out there pitching against the Angels in their first-round series?

But it wasn’t to be. The Yankees aren’t the Yankees anymore, not in this era. And Pettitte isn’t really Pettitte. Clemens has always been a hired hand. So be it.

If the Yankees can’t bring the World Series back to the Bronx, at least those two pitchers could bring it to Houston. Somehow, though, I doubt it. Not against the Cardinals. — Barry M. Bloom /


The Yankees are watching the rest of the postseason from their living rooms, making fans outside of NY extremely happy to be free of the hyperbole. And in case you haven’t noticed, we’re talking NATIONAL LEAGUE here. Get over it already.

The home plate umpire in the Cardinal game last night should be booted out of baseball. After calling a decent game thru eight innings, he completely broke down in the top of the ninth.. He must have called half a dozen pitches two inches off the ground strikes. Houston would have been back in the game had not this guy destroyed the integrity of the strike zone and the game. At the same time, take a look at what the home plate clown did to Anaheim in the ninth… the Commissioner’s Officer should be really proud….these two guys tarnished the start of the Championship Series. They should be taken off the field and replaced.

Mike Beard

Atlanta 1974-1977

I couldn’t agree more with I am from St. Louis, but spent the last three years in Washington, DC. I’m back in St. Louis now and was hoping to get away from the east coast domination. I’ve heard enough about the Yankees and Red Sox. They’re enjoying their millions sitting at home with an early offseason. Let’s talk about the Cardinals and Astros, a great rivalry in itself. Enough of the junior circuit! There’s more to baseball than the Yankees.

Ditto on jfry5’s take on the umpires. Pathetic!!! The ninth inning of both games was a joke due to umpire ineptitude and the commish should have the cajones to address the issue (fat chance!). They are suppose to call a fair game for both sides. If they can’t do that, then they have no place on the field – ANY field at ANY level!

you babies crying about the umpires…..umps didnt lose the game for the ‘stros…true those Izzy low strikes were borderline, but if the ump calls the first one a ball, Izzy adjusts and uses another black part of the plate….
AL call was a dusey…especially when the ump makes a fist and rings up Piernyski…but the catcher was wrong just to roll the ball back to the mound…he should know umps hate to have a call done for them…that’s probably what made the ump reverse his position….

Complaining about bad calls isn’t going to do us any good. We’ve got to compensate for those bad calls. Those so-called strikes WERE poorly judged as well as that HORRIBLE Sox K. The players know this. That’s why you don’t see us crying and complaining. We know that we’ve got to adjust for their judgemental calls and allow MLB to make their decisions in the off-season which certainly will involve some sort of heavy duty punishment for those umpires. There isn’t much room for error in the postseason. Go ‘Stros!! Kill the Cards!

hahahaha!! say “let’s not complain about the calls”, but then you turn around and cry about them…(BTW, I would disagree…Izzy’s pitches were clearl strikes!!! it’s the front of the plate that matters and on sinkers, when they hit the catchers mitt they look low…big talk when you guys have finished a combined 24 games out of first over the last two years….go cards..continue your domination over the lowly ***-throws

Hey Barry, the Yankees are eliminated. You’re supposed to be covering the Astros and Cardinals now.

Funny how a five-paragraph story about the NLCS has the word “Yankee” in it eight times.

Hey Rick you %rick, 24 games out but still took the cards 7 games to get past them. BTW Pete Munro is gone, whatchagonnadonow? The Astros are in Izzy’s head and he’s afraid to throw a strike. He’ll blow at least one game in this series. It’ll go 7 probably and St’ Louis should have the edge but we’ll see. It’s hard not to respect your team and their fans so don’t blow it for them. The only guy I’d like to smack is Edmunds…what an ego. the rest of them cool though.

yeah, I’d like to smack Edmonds myself after his terrible performance last night…(well, he did make a nice catch…but he let us down at the plate)
This w/e is the time when the Champion Cards put down this little wild card entry….(and as to 2004…we didnt have Carpenter or Mulder…but you are correct: we wish you had Munro still…and Micelli, too)

in response to barry’s blubbery ramblings about the yankees – wake up already! it’s the nlcs now, no matter how many times the yankees have won it. new yorkers never realize that we who don’t live in new york DON’T spend all of our lives wishing we did. clemens and pettitte are our “hometown” boys, and are loving being here in houston. dismissing pettitte as not himself anymore, and clemens as a lowly “hired hand” sounds to me like some yankee sour grapes. get over it.

I turned around and complained and cried? Where in the HECK did I say that? Like I said, we shouldn’t complain. The calls went your way regardless of how they were supposed to be. That was my point. Hey, I’ll just let the scoreboard do the talking. Whaaaa?!?! Look?!?! The lowly “xxxx-throws” have the home-field advantage! Who woulda thunk it! It appears that Isringhausen has been taking coaching advice from Munro AND Miceli. Go ‘stros!!!! Kill the Cards!

hey nitro..I am ****…go back and reread your message above from 10/13 5:21pm….you really expect anybody to believe you werent crying??? (i.e “…certainly involve heavy duty punishment for these umpires) haha

Like I said previously, it’s time the Cards take out this insignificant wild card, 11 game out bridesmaid….

(read my blog title Redbirds Flight 2005 and read what I write about “Wild Cards”.

Go Cards…time to do some wild card b*tch slapping!!!

The Yankees are pathetic. The huge payroll and all that ego and can’t even get past the ALDS. Pettite and Clemens were Texas baseball players before they were ever Yankees, and to label them as “yankees forever” is just ridiclous. They are Houston boys and love it here in Houston where the players play for love of the game and not the love of the dollar. And to call Roger Clemens A “hired hand” is an insult to a future Hall of Famer. And as I recall, a 21 year old rookie in Josh Beckett(also from Houston) made the over paid Yankees look like a “A” farm team in game 7 of the 2003 World Series. Big Heart wins over big Money. Go Stros’, from the middle east!

You’re a funny mate, Rick. The scoreboard tells us all we need to know. I never blamed the bad calls on our loss. We lost, period. Just as the Cards lost last night. Go “lowly xxxx-throws!” Kill the Cards!

Note to Murray: Beckett beat the Yankees in Game 6 of the 2003 World Series, not Game 7. Note to all: Clemens has played for four teams and only went to the Yankees because that’s where he was guaranteed a chance of winning a ring. I love Clemens, but he’s a hired gun. The Yanks dissed Pettitte, who was invaluable to their championship run. Never should have happened. He should still be pitching in the Bronx. Note to self: Nothing to get over. The Yanks have won 26 times and there will be more to come. See latest New York rant at the top of this blog.

Barry M.

I’d like to say that I am a huge Yankee and mor importantly Pettitte fan. I’m affended by the comment “Pettitte isn’t really Pettitte” what is that.
He has been great for so long and now is no different.

As to the strike zone on the 12th I say how long has taken you to realize that. Even with Questec the strike zone is awful. They say that they made it higher but it is always been ankles to belt. The problem is that it is the same zone for David Eckstien and Randy Johnson.

The Yankees are synonymous with baseball. Everyone knows that. The history behind that team is beyond reproach. Unfortunately, they have lost their way. They’re the best team money can buy. It doesn’t take much commitment to be a Yankees fan. They are the perfect team for those who can’t stand to lose. On top of that, they are weak minded. Case in point: Derek Jeter. He loves being hated. That is weak. Very weak. He’s not the only one. They dig being the unfair advantage. They pride themselves on being arrogant. Sadly, they were just knocked out by a 22 year old pitcher up from double A that makes $225,000.00 per year. Bummer. Their level of play is sleazy. A-Rod tries to smack a ball out of the first baseman’s hand and then tries to defend what he did and gets pissed. Weak minded. A runner going to first gets out of the lane to block the throw from the catcher and get pissed when he’s called out. Does anyone remember “18 inches of pine tar”? After the run was hit? Please. These examples are typical, not exceptions. These guys have no balls. They are an embarrassment to the MLB. Buying baseball isn’t enough? Thay have to use slight of hand and obscure rules? I shouldn’t have to explain to my son that the Yankees poor sportmanship is tolerated because they’re rich. Let’s level the field and see how many Yankees fans there really are. Baseball has been with us since the 1800’s. The Yankees spend unbridled sums to snap up the best players in the game, yet they’ve only won the Series 26 times. That number should be way higher. They definitely shouldn’t be getting knocked out of the Division Series by a 22 year old kid that started the year playing AA ball. I think I would want my $203,000,000.00 back.
Oh, BTW, the Cardinals are dead meat and so are the Black Sox. Go ‘stros.

In addition, Roger Clemens went to the Yankees because they paid him to go. They needed him for the ring. He was put out to pasture in ’96 and went to the Toronto Blue Jays for 2 years, winning Cy Young Awards both years. The Yankees traded 3 players to get him and he took them to the Series, and they won, 2 years in a row. There wasn’t a ring sitting there waiting for him to collect. The rings came about because he went there. And, not to put to fine of a point on it, but everyone on the Yankees roster is a hired gun. They collect them. You don’t have a Craig Biggio, a Jeff Bagwell or a Jose Cruz. Everyone is from somewhere else. Beltran even thought he was going there. His agent wasn’t aware that The Big Unit would foul that up (nice purchase). The Yankees are in the 45% penalty now. Each million is really 1.45 million. Sorry Carlos. Either way, he gets October off.
Roger retired. Then Andy decided to come home. When Roger heard that, he decided to see if the ‘stros could get a Championship. They are both from here. Andy’s a coonass and Rog’ is a good old boy. Nolan Ryan is from here too. So is Josh Beckett. Andy was paid to work in NY. His heart is here. He has never been and never will be a New Yorker. Sorry. He will end his career as an Astro and so will Roger. Then Roger has a 10 year contract as a pitching coach for the Astros. The Yankees threw their money around, like they always do. Now they’re pissed because Andy and Roger took it and went home. They got you some rings, didn’t they? And isn’t that what the Yankees paid for? Someone from somewhere else to make them look good. You need to be thankful for the times when Texas men come to your city and get you your rings. Don’t begrudge them when they decide to leave the United States and go back home to Texas. They let ya’ll call them Yankees, for God’s sake. Do you know how hard that is on a Southern boy? A modicum of gratitude would not be out of line.

i think the umpires screwed the cardinals out of there 2nd win and if the cards dont play the way they are able to play its gonna be the astros it the world seris

Andy’s a coonass? Deer Park isn’t Louisiana. Come on, dude.

Andy’s last name is Pettitte and he was born in Baton Rouge, LA. So, get ready “dude”, ’cause here it comes: Moving from one state to another does not modify your heredity. Amazing, no? Have you looked at Andy? And you don’t think he’s a coonass? If so, you’ve not been around many Franch-Americans from “Acadiana”.

*rolling eyes* Slam dunk to ya, DUDE!

Louisiana is Texas’ crazy cousin. We love mudbugs, Mardi Gras, Zydeco, gumbo, Jole Blonde and coonasses. Laissez le bon temps rouler!

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