Wearing their hearts on their backs

Cardsfans_1We knew they’d show up in red. Or white with red. Or maybe even the old road blue of the Cardinals. With red.

The Red Sea of Cardinals fans didn’t get that name for nothing. A whole lotta red going on here, but we knew that.

Now, what’s on the backs of those jerseys, T-shirts and various Cardinals items folks wore to Game 1 of the NLCS? Glad you asked.

Here’s a completely unscientific survey from one tour around the outside of Busch Stadium to get an idea, counting only the ones with numbers and names on the back:

No. 5 Albert Pujols: 32
No. 27 Scott Rolen: 13
No. 15 Jim Edmonds: 11

That’s all pretty predictable, of course. Then it goes all over the place, including a lot of former players:

No. 25 Mark McGwire: 5
No. 22 Jack Clark: 4
No. 6 Stan Musial: 3 (OK, that includes one without his name, but makes sense for Stan the Man.)
No. 30 Mark Mulder: 3
No. 3 Edgar Renteria: 2

And a bunch of 1’s, actives first, then formers:

Actives: No. 22 David Eckstein, No. 29 Chris Carpenter, No. 33 Larry Walker, No. 35 Matt Morris, No. 44 Roy Oswalt (oops, one Astros fan out there), No. 47 John Mabry.
Formers: No. 1 Ozzie Smith, No. 7 J.D. Drew, No. 20 Lou Brock, No. 45 Bob Gibson, No. 51 Willie McGee.

OK, so we’re not talking about taking over the Gallup Poll here. But it’s not a bad sample of how Cardinals fans have their hearts if not on their sleeves then on their backs. — John Schlegel / MLB.com


If I were a Cardinals fan, I would wear David Eckstein’s 22 on my back. That guy has so much heart and is such an inspiration every day. It isn’t often that a 5’6″ 140 pounder (I know the official programs say he’s taller and heavier but that’s BS) makes it to the big leagues and flourishes. We loved him in Anaheim, er Los Angeles, when he played for us. He was a true spark plug and just played his heart out.

No suprise there

I’m in NY and all I see is A-Rod and Jeter. Never some guy with Womack on his back.

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